1.Settingicon-arrow-rAirplain modeicon-arrow-rON

iPhone Airplain Mode


iPhone WiFi Setting

Android Phone/Tablet PC

1.Settingicon-arrow-rMoreicon-arrow-rAirplain modeicon-arrow-rON

Android Airplain mode


Android Wi-Fi setting

Connect to the Pocket Wi-Fi

3.Select the SSID of Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket WiFi setting

4.Enter the Pass(PIN code) of Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket WiFi

*Before using the Pocket Wi-Fi, please check if the Data roaming becomes “OFF”.

iPhone: Settingicon-arrow-r Cellularicon-arrow-r Data Roamingicon-arrow-r OFF

Android: Settingicon-arrow-r Moreicon-arrow-r Mobile Networkicon-arrow-r Data Roamingicon-arrow-r OFF

*Please check the instruction manual which is being packed in the pocket Wi-Fi.

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