If you want to use Wi-Fi in Japan, I recommend the Pocket Wi-Fi Rental service because it is still difficult to find the Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan. If the Pocket Wi-Fi will be used, you can connect your smartphone(iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone), tablet PC or laptop PC to the Internet in a train or car. You can book Pocket Wi-Fi rental service through the website.

About Pocket WiFi Rental Service


icon-arrow-rYou can pick the Pocket WiFi up at the airport, or the hotel etc..

icon-arrow-rYou can return the Pocket WiFi at the airport or you can send it by post or courier.

icon-arrow-rEasy to set up the WiFi router

icon-arrow-rIf you come to Japan with your family or friends, you can share one Pocket WiFi.

icon-arrow-rYou can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line and blog as usual.

icon-arrow-rYou can connect your iPhone or Android Phone to the internet in a car or a train.

Recommended Pocket WiFi Rental Service Company

My recommendation for the Pocket Wi-Fi Rental company is as follows. If you want to use the Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Service, I recommend you make the booking through the following website before your trip.

Ninja WiFi
Rental Fee JPY900+TAX/daily
Optional Service Fee
(100% Coverage+Mobile battery)
Carrier SoftBank with “Hybrid 4G LTE”
Data Limit Unlimited
Pick-up at an airport Free
Pick-up via delivery address(Hotel etc..) JPY500+TAX
 Return at an airport Free
 Return via courier JPY500+TAX

When I go abroad, I use the Pocket Wi-Fi Rental service every time because it is very useful and easy to connect to the Wi-Fi at the preferable places.